One of Willows first friends is Kujo the friendly Rottweiller.

Yeah, he might boss her around once in a while but we all know deep down he really loves her! His Mom and Dad are Gabe and Jaime. He also has a brother named Taco, he is a tiny Chihuahua.

Taco and Kujo

They may not look alike or be the same breed but these two pals where raised together as brothers and are very protective of one another.

Little Taco

Little Taco is under 6 pounds but don't mess with him because he has a big personality! His mom is Jaime.


Just laying around.

We've spotted Elvis!

Elvis the dog that is, visiting Santa.

Gabe and Jaime

Here are Kujo and Tacos Mom and Dad, Jaime and Gabe.

Puppy Kujo

Here is Gabe, Jaime, Austin, and if you look really close in Jaimes arms you can see Kujo as a tiny puppy.

Mom and Dad

Here is a picture of my Mom and Dad!

Sam and Andy

Here is a picture of my brothers Sam and Andy!